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2020 Fair Update

The Rio Arriba County Fair Association has made the difficult decision to cancel our fair due to the COVID-19 virus.  We will, however, provide a platform for the youth raising livestock to sell their animals.  The extension staff is working on options for an indoor exhibit showcase later in the year and the details are being worked out.  Please know that this was a very hard decision for the board as we explored many different options, however, the restrictions in place due to COVID are difficult to overcome.  Youth that have livestock and are interested in selling them, please contact the RACFA board at racfaboard@gmail.com and communicate to us which species and the number of animals you are interested in selling.  We are striving to hold the livestock sale on Saturday, August 1st more details will be provided.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this most extraordinary year.  To all of our local businesses and supporters we appreciate your support for the youth and look forward to coming back next year with another successful fair!  We hope everyone stays safe and healthy!  Thank you. 

Meeting Notice:

Our monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 7, 2020 and will be held virtually.

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